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Interstitial Ad – Advertising beyond the Pre-roll

Posted on September 13, 2013 by

Interactive Hub recently collaborated with Dailymotion, the largest video sharing online site after Youtube. Among the different ad formats available in Dailymotion there is the Video Interstitial, a high performance ad format of rich media unit that enhanced the user experience into the world of online video advertising. Astro IPTV Campaign was the first campaign launched in Dailymotion under this format in Asia, as the alternate solution to display their 52 seconds video commercial.

Astro IPTV Campaign with Dailymotion – Interstitial ad format

ASTRO IPTV Interstitial Screenshot

The results of the campaign were more than good, let’s see who’s the next one to go for interstitial ads with their campaigns!

Social Video Marketing – Marina Bay Sands

Posted on August 13, 2013 by


Interactive Hub performed a Custom Integration and Branded Content creation campaign for Marina Bay Sands, who used Branded Content to boost up the awareness in Chinese market.

What did it consist on? Marina Bay Sands invited a well-known travel blogger (Zhuan Jing) to blog her actual guest experience with regard to shopping, dining and entertainment at Marina Bay Sands hotel, thus achieving a full integration of media syndication and an amplification effect across, and Sina Weibo. Hotel Expert Review Channel and Marina Bay Sands video

Results achieved

The campaign registered over 60, 700 views at Sina Weibo blog and generated about 500 social interactions on the site.

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